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Crusades & Team

Products - Audio & Video Media


  • Does membership on this web site cost anything?

NO. Membership is free. However you must complete the registration process including the email verification that is sent to you. You MUST use a valid email or your application will be deleted, no exceptions.

  • Why has my membership application not been approved yet?

You have either supplied wrong or false information or you have not replyed to the verication email that was sent to you when you signed up.

Crusades & Team

  • How can I join your Crusade Team?

You can us the CONTACT US link in the menu and state your reasons and qualifications for wanting to join.

  • How can I join you on a crusade abroad or in the USA?

Use CONTACT US link in the menu section and state you desires. We will get back to you with the details and logistics. Then you can decide if you wish to join us at one of our crusades.

Of course when you see that we will be in your area for meetings, just call the venue for information such as lodging, directions, times and dates of meetings. All venuse information will be posted in the INTINERARY link in the menu section.

Products - Audio & Video Media

  • Where can I purchase your books, CD's and DVD's at?

All items are listed in our WEB STORE. Just click on the link in the menus section and browse the listings. New items are added as they become avaiable or put back in stock.

  • Do you have electronic versions of your media for download?

Yes, we are starting to convert some of our media into eBooks, PDF, and audio download formats sometime in the near future.

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